" From 1991 onwards, painting becomes imperative to me as the meaning of expression of what I feel. It is another type of language, beyond or beneath words to tell unspeakable things, infinity, that allows me to get right to the point, to seize the opportunity to be myself indeed.

My work is an essay, a walk through emotions.
My themes: Life with its ups and downs, Movement, Light, Seek of emptiness and fullness. But, above all, always more and more silence to allow the “very smallest” meet the “very biggest”.
To get there, I try to explore the limit between abstract and figurative.
I tend to work on this edge.

Emotion is the starting point of my work. It pushes me to work freely. I try to bring to light the reflection of deep emotions, which can be read, in the juxtaposition of plans that builds up my paintings. I generally use very large brushes, knives, old telephone cards to settle my colours by sculpting light and shadow.

I used to have a theme but very often, colour alone is my guide.I give up to the subject: fidelity to my initial idea is not the way to take! I let colours surprise me, astonish me.

Painting is like breathing for me. I let what impressed me, touched me -people, nature,...-go down deeply in me, then in the silence of my studio, I “breathe in” my memories and “breath out” my deep emotions. My work looks like a huge book whose pages are full of colours. The layerings of shaded glacis that build up my paintings allow me to write down a trace. That’s probably what should be kept in mind: a loose idea of what existed, on top of which I keep on creating on my own way. Archeology of my own development!!!

Canvas reveals what gets through me.

Painting helps us rise from materiality and reveal our human dimension. It leads us to listen to the echo rising in the depth of ourselves. " Xica